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  • ThinkPink

    Clarity During a Complex Diagnosis

    September 2013





  • Think Different, Think Pink

    Taking a cue from the clients’ in-house “ThinkPink” campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer, we started with an idea to connect breast cancer patients to their healthcare in new ways.


    Wanting to create something new but familiar, we looked to iOS. At the time, a large segment of the intended patient audience was adopting the platform due to a growing amount of iPad users in the 35–65+ age range. The resulting design organized features into easy to understand tabs or “tiers,” much like the native iOS apps Passbook and Weather.

    Empathy as our Guide

    Early on in the ideation phase, the client shared valuable empathy research with us. It led to our decision to include a place for distraction. (the Play tab) It was also evident that patients wanted a place to track their journey. (Journal) Everything realted to diagnosis, treatment and results could be found under My Health, while the Today tab was up top to indicate any upcoming appointments or events. Empathy would later prove instrumental in the thought process of other projects soon to follow.

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